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December 14, 2013

  • Pride II Livens Ann St. Wharf, Masquerading as Namesake
  • Residents Elect New Team
  • Tugs From a Maritime Past
  • Cavacos' Cartoons Reprised
  • 'Pointer Claims Bridge Vision
  • As Zelda Zen, Boutique Returns to Thames St.
  • Happenings: Flat Fate for Ex-Hecht's, Town Crier's Christmas Eve, Kraig Greff's Christmas Gift, Walking the fell's Pointer
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November 9, 2013

  • Maraziti: Festival Flourished
  • EPA Sniffs at Air Testing Above Harbor Point Site
  • Block Party for Billie Holiday
  • Barbosa-Lima at Bertha's
  • I Snubbed the Prince of Film
  • Kraig Greff at Masonic Center
  • Happenings: Latin Palace Seeks New Status; Moving Day at Union Wharf; Vagabond Auditions Nov. 11-12; At Corner Theater, "Orphans"
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October 12, 2013

  • Missing the Point's Point
  • Cup Raised for Fun Fest
  • Vagrancy Issues Crowd In
  • Happenings: Pointer Needs Distributors in East, and N. of Fleet St.; Jazz Concert Canceled; Paterson Lantern Parade; Big Show of Miniature Art; Ten 10-minute Plays at Corner; Collaborative Tree Plantings
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September 14, 2013

  • For Point, Harrowing Night Before Dawn's Early Light
  • Norrises Given 9/11 Award
  • Brighter Street Lights--Pt. II, by David Speer
  • Benches Beset Main Street
  • FPCO Vs Bar Proliferation
  • FunFest Volunteers needed
  • Happenings: Chrome Concerns Residents; Shakesperean Billings Dies; Good Neighbors Water Trees
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July 13, 2013

  • 'Very Pedestrian Building'?
  • Super Sidewalk Needs a Sprightlier Step--Pt. I
  • Mazurek Remains a Polish Pillar
  • Happenings: No Fell's Pointer in August; Another Entry in 46th District; Union Wharf on Bumpy Wolfe; Free Rainwater Audit
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June 8, 2013

  • The War We Commemorate-XIII: 2 Able Men Make Difference
  • Resident Seeks Election As Delegate to Annapolis
  • Jazz Settles Into Bertha's On a Sunday Afternoon
  • Lingo Leap at New Century
  • Happenings: The Mayor on the Square; Catholic Charity Pursues Suit; Schooner Race's Cameron Dies; Liquor Board Official Targeted; 'Private Lives' at Vagabond
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May 11, 2013

  • Point's Floodplain is Backed Off
  • Rec Pier Start Vowed in Jan.
  • Privy Dig Comes Up Big
  • Point's Polish Families Down to Bilingual Few
  • Happenings: Privateers Spectacle in Square, Comedy and Artists at Corner, Billy Colucci Plays the Patterson, New Housing at Bank St.
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April 13, 2013

  • The War We Commemorate-XII: Boyle's Comet Cuts Swath; Licensing of the Traitorous
  • Flood Insurance Is Going Up, Plain Seemingly Pushed Back
  • Website Firms in Canton, 'Point Among Tops in City
  • Happenings: Preservation Society Awarded A Star-Spangled 1812 Grant, 42nd House Tour is May 12, Energy Audit by Civic Works, Arivederci Graffiti, Water Taxi, 9,000 Trees Free From BGE and Arbor Day Group
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March 9, 2013

  • The War We Commemorate-XI: British Blockade of the Bay Excises Toll on Point Craft
  • Maraziti, Main Street To Run Fun Festival
  • 'History at Risk IV': Focus on Joshua Barney
  • Happenings: Harbor Ball Roars March 23, For Vigilant St. Pat's Day, A Play Set in Fell's Point, P.J.'s Easter Sunrise Service
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February 9, 2013

  • Broadway Retains Traces of Department Store Era
  • The War We Commemorate-X: Blockade Surprises Fell's Point
  • Mullers Took to 'Point
  • Cool Jazz, Steaming Mussels
  • Appreciation: Vagabond Players
  • State's Attorney Follows Up
  • Happenings: Talks on Revising Fun Festival, Raising Frosty Mug for Max's, Birds With Southern Accent, 'Laundry & Bourbon' at Corner
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January 12, 2013

  • For 15 Years, Trying to Make a 'Point
  • 23 Distributors Deliver
  • Museum, a First, Has a Past
  • Portrait of a Mosaic Artist
  • Happenings: Salsa, Dogs in Patterson Park; History at Risk III; 'Mousetrap' at The Vagabond
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