Fell's Pointer 2008 Newsletters

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January 2008

  • Valentine from MTA: #11 Bus Will Run to Town on Fleet St.
  • Newsletter Completes a Decade
  • Commemoration and Rededication After 10 Years on Street
  • Editorial: 10-Yr. Quest for Reliable Informants
  • Development Corp. Makes a Point: Holidays are Local
  • Only in Fell's Point-V: The Bar With the Trampoline Floor

February 2008

  • Urgent: Red Alert on the Red Line
  • Sale 3: Prime Thames Sites
  • Streuver, Crowd Dedicate Rehabilited Harbor Point
  • FPCO, Politicians and Police Combine Against Nuisance Crime
  • Only in Fell's Point-IV: When Wally Philandered, It Was With Jane

March 2008

  • Citizens' Advice for Red Line Has No Impact on MTA
  • Chilly Police Walk-About
  • Letter to the City On Black-Eyed Susan
  • Only in Fell's Point-VII: Bar Smoke Goes the Way of Pall-Malls
  • Cat's Eye Customers Grieve Loss of Boss Cushing

April 2008

  • Readers Give Black Eye To Junkyarad Journalism
  • Two Preservation Benefits
  • 4-Bay on Aliceanna Remains Standing
  • Only in Fell's Point-VIII: As Busker-Boatsman Fiddles, the 'Point Learns
  • Discovering Wolfe Street Academy
  • Gifts of Learning--One Book at a Time

May 2008

  • Point's War of 1812 No Longer Obscure
  • Privateer Day Proves People Like Costumes
  • When Site Clearance Was Industrial Strength
  • Only in Fell's Point-IX: Lots of Saloons, But Just One BAR

June 2008

  • Revival of Marketplace Takes Residential Turn
  • Are Tugs and Rec Sailors Sharing Troubled Water?
  • Only in Fell's Point-X: Renaissance Man Worked in Red Brick
  • World-Class Market, Car Rental Entrepot?
  • Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance: A Place for Youngsters

July 2008

  • FPCO Surveys Crime, Finds Police Upbeat
  • 'Susan Clings to Pier
  • You're With Hopkins? But I'm With Hopkins
  • Flowering Memorial to Responsible Dog Owner
  • Cat Feeding Spills on Streets
  • Dog and Other Pet Peeves
  • Jazz for Park Lovers
  • New Art on Fleet St.
  • Only in Fell's Point-XI: Those Were the Times, Mr. Miller

September 2008

  • Hepner, Hogan/Diuguid Chosen for 9/11 Awards
  • Phelps' Point: High Water
  • Ducks Turn Off Ann Street; Residents Turn About
  • Creative Alliance, Youth Orchestra Embellish Wolfe School
  • Only in Fell's Point-XII: Consequent Consonant
  • Protecting the Collection
  • Look at What Works
  • Creative Spanish

October 2008

  • 3 Groups Align on Route For Red Line -- by Tunnel
  • National Show at Gallery
  • Oct. 12-16: From Dinghies to Great Schooner Race
  • Hopkins In the 'Point - II: Major Magazine
  • Only in Fell's Point-XIII: Neighborhood Pinnacle Was Halloween '85
  • Ode to Fell's Point
  • Most Venerable Vampire
  • Saucy Couple Touts Hot Tacos
  • Spreading the News
  • Seaport Secrets Oct. 13-29

November 2008

  • Schooners Evade 'Susan
  • 'Point Heavyweights Facing Off in a Feud
  • Rec Pier Still Idle, But ...
  • Only in Fell’s Point-XIV: The Crime Scene, Once Over Lightly
  • Hopkins In The 'Point III - TB Clinical Trials, Genetics
  • Line Drawn on Red Line
  • "Sisters Rosensweig" at Corner

December 2008

  • Water Watchers’ Vigilance Triggers Finding of Harbor Trash Impairment
  • Holidays are Making, Breaking, Traditions
  • Halloween Public Urination Worst “in 28 Years”
  • Only in Fell’s Point-XV: Turkey Joe for the Holidays
  • Is the Sun Staring Back?

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