Fell's Pointer 2007 Newsletters

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January 2007

  • Homeowners Back Plan to Rebuild Market, Put Cars in 9-Floor Building
  • Wise and Otherwise: a Fell's Point Character Study
  • Upper Fell's Point Block Takes On the Ordeals Creeping Up Its Alleys
  • Point's Prime Characters-XVII: At Cat's Eye, Nighttime
  • Mayor Pulled Beers, Tails and Triggers

February 2007

  • Parents Looking for Public School Have 3 Charter Options - Until March 22 Application Deadline
  • Officer Penn Retiring After Dozen Years as Liaison With SE Police HQ
  • 2 Deaths Deplete Streets
  • Point's Prime Characters-XVIII: Waters Found Edith Massey at Pete's Bar and Walk-up Hotel

March 2007

  • FPCOP Calls for New Leaders to Revive Organization
  • Kraft's Committee Takes Up Contested Last-Stage Zoning Bill
  • Catholics, Protestants Share Historic Church and Are Reaching Out
  • Manley's Wheelchair, and Tenor Splendor, Come to a Stop
  • The Prominader: Somnolent Pier Tied in Knots Off the Anchorage

April 2007

  • One-Eyed Mike Vows to Plump Up Broadway's Sagging Market
  • Task Force Suspects Thumb in Eye
  • Richard Kirstel, Silent at 71
  • Point's Prime Characters-XIX: Helen Ran Tight Salook, Lost Her Sailor to the Sea--and Hung Around The Promenade

May 2007

  • Homeowners Become Residents, Offer Harbor Ball for Preservation
  • Point's Prime Characters-XX: Bubble the Baloon Man Blew In on the Spring Breeze
  • 17 Years on Chapel Street-I: Stalwart Leaves
  • Neighborhood Sounder Than She Found It
  • After Squire Carrol, Ann Fell Made 'Point a Hotbed of Ground Rents

June 2007

  • Back Street Tribute to a Blue Lady, Jazz Singer Billy Holiday
  • Cleaner Harbor?
  • 17 Years on Chapel Street-II: #10 Rider Reminisces on Living Elbow to Elbow
  • Long Bo at Shapes Up
  • Point's Prime Characters-XXI: From the Gutter Clutter, a Clear Perspective on the Square

July 2007

  • As Thames Museum Closes, New Restaurants Que Up
  • City No Longer Sees Through-Traffic Problem as Two-Way Street
  • Point's Prime Characters-Conclusion: Fabled Series Ends--Another to Begin, with Your Help
  • Letter from Anomymouse: Beware of Bogus Parking Citations
  • Veggies Sprout on Broadway

September 2007

  • Graziano Says Rec Pier Disposition Is at Hand, and as for the Movies . . .
  • Public Academy, at Wolfe and Gough, Turns a Corner
  • Needed: Volunteers to Keep The ‘Pointer Door-to-Door
  • ONLY IN FELL’S POINT-I: After a Nip, Knapp Took a Bite Out of Britannia
  • 9/11 Honorees Are Preservationists vonKarajan and Eney

October 2007

  • When It Comes to Town Crying, 2 Voices Are Better Than One
  • Tunnel Vision in Latest View of Fell’s Point Mass Transit; Historic Shipyard Days; Miniatures at the Gallery
  • City Seeks to Revive COP—and Why It’s Moribund
  • ONLY IN FELL’S POINT—II: How Do You Solve A Problem? With Maria!

November 2007

  • Preservation Society Welcomes Harbor Ball, Weighs Fun Festival
  • Tall Ship Mystic on Station At the New Maritime Park
  • City Sued on Marketplace
  • Silo Point Shapes Up, Transforming 1920s Industrial Cathedral
  • Only in Fell's Point-III: Why the Odd Curb Numbers?
  • SE Baltimore Crime Blog
  • Crab Heist: Lump Sum

December 2007

  • Lacrosse HQ Still Option for Key Harbor Point Site
  • Tavern Owner Parboils Sun Food Critic Large
  • Opening Round of Christmas
  • Flue Fire: Fast Trucks Deliver Happy Ending
  • 'Point Now CHAP District
  • Only in Fell's Point-IV: Dashiell Sisters, Collective Odd Couiple
  • Geographer Fisher, Belt's Resident, Deat at 75

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