Fell's Pointer 2006 Newsletters

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January 2006

  • What if Streetcars Again Tracked Along Thames?
  • The Promenaders: Stroll Around the Harbor Has Its Ups and Downs
  • Trolly Known as Skoda Draws MTA's Attention
  • 'Point's Prime Characters-V: By Request, The Human Jukebox

February 2006

  • The Fell's Pointer Finds New Financial Backing
  • Crabby May Be Back, Also Crabs!
  • Save The Patapsco, Hon!
  • 'Point's Prime Characters-VI: When the Hawk Tapped, Bar Floors Resonated
  • Preservation Society Receives Historic Gift Gingerly
  • Rec Pier Developers Reshuffe, Target '07

March 2006

  • Police Responsiveness at Issue As Residents Are Left Waiting
  • St. Stan's Developers Seek Demolition Permit
  • 'Point's Prme Characters-VII: Shop Tat's Never Open Shuts
  • Opening Weekend on Broadway Reveals 7-Building Transformation
  • Liquor Board Renews Chubbies' Licenses

April 2006

  • Chase's Wharf Coming Back As Pillar of Maritime Park
  • Point's Prime Characters-VIII: The Bar Tender Who Landed Skylab on Thames St.
  • To Save St. Stan's...
  • Immigration Site Dedicated--With 'Point as Backdrop
  • Celebrate Promenade On Harbor Point April 30

May 2006

  • Mad Mike Finds Quite in Company of Friends
  • An Opportune Harbor View At Critical Point for Future
  • Point's Prime Characters-IX: With Salty Trading Company, Bunker Made Port His Business
  • Wheels for One: More Segs, Less Legs
  • ...Or Win Free Wheels

June 2006

  • Police Response to Armed Intrusion Adds to Victim's Fears
  • The Promenader: 70 Cover the Waterfront, by Foot and Boat
  • Point's Prime Characters-X: Politics Took on Tang of Salt With Bunker at Helm

July 2006

  • Rec Pier Now to Become 'Spa' Hotel, With 185 Rooms - And Space Devoted to Parking 77 Cars
  • Rebuilt Market Proposed in Revival of Broadway
  • Point's Prime Characters-XI: Night Watchman Brought
  • Heavenly Bodies to Broadway
  • Maritime Park Dedicated
  • Shoe Palace Makeover Stalls-Neighborhood Feels the Pinch

September 2006

  • Keith and Fisher to Receive 9/11 Award in Square Monday
  • Point's Prime Characters-XIII - Pastor Jack: Compassion
  • Personified in Period Garb
  • Making a Point in St. Stans Debate
  • Some Improvements Seen in Police Response to Problematic Duo
  • Convictions, and Lessons, in Armed Break-in
  • Preservation's Read Dies

October 2006

  • Web Site for 'Point's Crime, Grime--www.SEBaltimoreCrime.org--Provides Forum for Community and Police
  • Point's Prime Characters-XIV: If This is Jimmy's, You Must Be Nick
  • Artscape for Mike on Fleet Street
  • Armed Robbery--Once in the Blue Moon

November 2006

  • H&S Joins Rec Pier Team: 130-Room Aloft Hotel, Off-Site Parking
  • Maritime Park Brings Back Shipbuilding, Scaled Down
  • Fell's Point Prime Characters-XV: Feathered Nest: Living Tribute to a Rare Saloon Bird
  • Letter from Maine-I: Turbulent Times Recalled in Organizing the 'Point

December 2006

  • 'Point's Christmas Traditions Bear Repeating
  • Point's Prime Characters-XVI: When We Horsed Around as 45s Spun at a Smoky Shrine to Elvis
  • Letter from Main-II: Cooperation Overcame Divisions in a Troubled 'Point Period
  • Letter from Lancaster Street: Image, and Meaning, of Mike

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