Fell's Pointer 2005 Newsletters

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January 2005

  • City's Twist on Rec Pier Outcome Roils Opponents of Proposed Botique Hotel
  • Fell's Point 10th Among Continent's Top 20 Neighborhoods--and You Can Write About It
  • ...Plus Another Writing Assignment
  • Commuting by Water Taxi Is Still a Bit Wet Behind the Ears but Concept Takes Hold

February 2005

  • With CHAP Safeguards at Hand, City Agency Is in Flux
  • The Churches of Broadway I: Once Methodist Now Baptist and Lumbee, With a Tad of Pentecostal
  • Writers Around the Point
  • Beans and Bread of Bond Street Welcomes Volunteers
  • Rocked by Rap?
  • Notes to and from FPCOP--Crime Ticks Up
  • 'Pointer Seeks Designer

March 2005

  • The Churches of Broadway-II: Trinity Church Gave Way to Goodwill, but Service Remains the Creed
  • Preservationists Show Vigor in Quest of Stronger CHAP
  • If Red Line Finds Way to Southeast, Will It Be by Bus or Rail?
  • Tide Point Shuttle Winds Down
  • Urgent Call for Help in Putting The Fell's Pointer Together
  • Greenspace Group Lines Up Renovation of Thames Street Park

April 2005

  • The Churches of Broadway-III: St. Patrick's, Still Immigrants' Haven
  • A Modest Turnout Hears of Turns in Pier Hotel Project
  • Bob Keith, the Salt of Bond Street, Looks Anew at Harbor
  • An Eyeful for Channel Gazers
  • How Green Is My Alley-- Possibilities Multiply

May 2005

  • Old Movies-I: When Up to 12 Theaters Once packed in 'Point Flick Fans
  • The Churches of Broadway-IV: This Iglesia Once Was Cluster Movie Hall
  • Artist Cavacos takes up Crabs
  • Plans for St. Stans Include Expanded Ex-Church, 23 Town Houses
  • Why Real Estate Renaissance Leaves Gaping Holes Along Broadway

June 2005

  • FPCOP Seeks New Direction; Major to Lead Patrols
  • Movies-II: Flickering Images Linger From Broadway's Screens
  • The Churches of Broadway-V: Paint Replaces Pews in German Methodist
  • Kraft Acts to Clarify Limits on Property Sales
  • 21-Gun Salute to VonKarajan
  • Greenspace Partners Look To Remake of Thames Park

July 2005

  • S.E. Police Commander Leads Way for Patrols
  • Earth Moves in Thames St. Park
  • Black-Eyed Susan Ties Up for Duration
  • Churches of Broadway-VI: Once Synagogue, Now Baptist Church
  • 'Point Privateers to Have Big Day
  • Preservationist Urged To Turn Out for CHAP
  • Who's Fishing in the Harbor?

September 2005

  • 'Point's Prime Characters-I: Balefule Dantini Conjured With Old World Dignity
  • Top Volunteer Jacquie Greff Wins 9-11 Service Award
  • Anonymous Donor Gives Fell's Point $10,000 Pickup
  • Churches of Broadway-VII: Born of Schism, Polish National Endures
  • $3 Million Props Rec Pier Project
  • Cardin's Bills to Provide Funds for Cleaner Harbor

October 2005

  • FPCOP, and The Pointer, Add to Urgency of Call For More Participation
  • 'Point's Prime Characters-II: Dantini's Ultimate Ruse: Postmortem in Spotlight
  • Volunteer Day Accomplishes Greening of Thames St. Park
  • Fall Quickens Gait on Harbor Walks, Underlines Pitfalls

November 2005

  • When 38 Schooners Slip In, Somebody's Bound to Notice
  • 'Point's Prime Characters-III: So Set 'em Up,Turkey Joe, Tell Us Stories We Ought'a Know
  • 'Pointer Takes Look at Portland, Offers Eyeful for Red Line Planners
  • Time Bubble Bursts on Scene At Preservation Society Bash

December 2005

  • Santa's Arrival Makes Spash, And Shop Owners Sustain It
  • 'Point's Prime Characters-IV: Sgt. Armiger, Still Missed, and Forever on the Square
  • "Churches of Broadway-VIII: For Sale, 1869 Ex-Lutheran Haven

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