Fell's Pointer 2004 Newsletters

The titles of the months below are links to open the newsletters:

January 2004

  • Disposition of St. Stanislaus Church Takes a Turn but Is Still Unsettled
  • Outback Fauna Under Cover in ‘Point
  • Oysters by the Peck, Polish Sausage
  • Watershed Harbor Clean-Water Effort — a Hope for
  • Tourists and Residents
  • You on the Aisle-II
  • On the Trail—of the War of 1812

February 2004

  • Rec Pier as Promenade's Destination
  • Law and Order Broadway Car Quiz: How to Do a Good Turn?
  • Immigration Story Finding Roots From Point to Point and in Canton
  • You on the Aisle
  • Fells Point Most Endangered?
  • If Spring Ever Arrives, Picnic in Ex-Library Park
  • Greetings, Grants, Volunteering

March 2004

  • A Pinnacle for Harbor Point? Bike Path beside the Promenade
  • Down to the Sea in Ships
  • Greenspace Action Partnership
  • You on the Aisle
  • Easter Service on the Pier
  • $2 Evening Rate at Caroline Garage; Restyled Meters-No Small Change
  • Minas Quits Ann Street for Hampden
  • Extra, Extra! Hear All About It: When War Cries Roiled Fells Point
  • Pass Up Dog Clean-Up? $100 Fine

April 2004

  • Marathon for Survivors to Pit 750 on Promenade in June
  • Patterson Park to Dedicate Fountain of Rejuvenation
  • Urban Visions Collide at a Corner
  • Paddling Kayak Around Harbor —the Consummate Commute
  • Film Catches Point History in Words of Prime Witnesses
  • You on the Aisle
  • “Get the Point” Lectures Continue
  • 14 Reasons to Take House Tour May 9

May 2004

  • Mid-Point Takes on Chubbie's Club
  • Bike Patrollers Wanted
  • Citizens on Patrol Seeks Donations
  • Finalists for Revival of Rec Pier Detail Hotel, Office Proposals
  • History Came to Those Who Listened
  • Isabel's Flood Still Wracks Durham Street
  • Help Joe Save the Patapsco
  • Give My Regards to Thames Street

June 2004

  • A Newsletter Called Fells Pointer, or Privateer, or What Have You?
  • Armed Robbery at Dallas Street
  • Here Come Parking Meters to Thames Street
  • Rec Pier Up in Air
  • Fleet Block Party
  • Talking Trash with the Mayor
  • Stars and Stripes and Showballs - July 2 at Pulaski Statue in Park
  • Patterson Park Panache
  • Latino Fest June 26-7
  • Rules of the Road and the Sidewalk
  • You on the Aisle - Summer Stock

July 2004

  • Newly Revived Business Association Spawns Fells Point Development Corp.
  • ... And an Historic Addition
  • The Readers Have Whispered
  • Preservationists Lose Battle to Save Ex-Will's Dairy Site
  • Mikulski Center Dedicated
  • Bond Street Landing Celebrated
  • Rec Pier Outcome Awainted
  • Crimes against the Heedless....
  • ... And Even the Attentive
  • Selfless Community Service

September 2004

  • Fate of Rec Pier Comes Down to a Sept. 20 Vote--on the Pier
  • New Name, and Nuance, but Same Aim
  • Fleet Street and Commerce: Another Period in Time
  • Park-Side Charter School Possibility
  • Signs for Our Times
  • A Garden Club?

October 2004

  • Clarke's Plan for Hotel on Rec Pier Wins First-Round Straw Vote
  • Liquor Board Approves Store, Provisionally
  • Vagabond's Johnson Honored
  • Pay Here: Parkers Take Wary Measure of Smart New Meters
  • Developers Walk Through St. Stan's Properties
  • No Rain, But Hardly Dry, Fun Festival Takes Nautical Twist
  • Time for 'Point DVD

November 2004

  • Water Taxis are Now THE Way to Go--and a Tie to the Pier?
  • City's Choice on Rec Pier Due as Task Force Picks Struever
  • Distillery Apartments a Toast to Seniors of Fell's Point, Canton
  • Douglass Place: New Cachet Along Western Eastern Avenue
  • EBLO Director--Peruvian, New Yorker, Now Baltimorean
  • On Deck: Lights Parade

December 2004

  • Crime, Image, Commerce and Concerns
  • Clean Harbor: Moving From Concept Toward Prospect
  • Society Looks to City's CHAP for Preserving the 'Point
  • Duda's Christmas Boxes for Marine Son and Buddies
  • Not Receiving Fell's Pointer? Order Bundle for Your Block

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