Fell's Pointer 2003 Newsletters

The titles of the months below are links to open the newsletters:

January 2003

  • Cost Modest to Fix Pier for Pride II
  • More Time for Rec Pier Proposals
  • Newsletter Thanks to Donors
  • New Middle School on 'Point Shore
  • Nan Rohre Moving On
  • Tuesdays, It's Your Call
  • The Tree Lights Flickered
  • Point Pointers: Share, With Care, the Uncrowded Sidewalk
  • Building a Better Mousetrap -- And Annals of Fells Point Animals
  • Opportunistic Knocking
  • www.fellspoint.us
  • Doing the Du Burns Arena

February 2003

  • What Is This Task Force, Anyhow
  • ... Renewing Renewal Plan
  • Well-Wheeled in Need
  • Move Over, Ellis Island -- The Immigration Epoch
  • ... also on the Waterfront
  • Point Pointers
  • Book Review - Footner Evens Constellation's Keel
  • Ice-Encrusted Craft Tucks In
  • Troubled Rats -- Solace in the Cold
  • Corrections and Amplifications

March 2003

  • Downtowners Finds Way to Fells Point
  • ... Inner Harbor's Out Phase
  • Threats to Tax Credits
  • Rec Pier Proposals
  • New Faces on Ann Street Wharf
  • Neighbors Along Lancaster Pitch In to Fend Off Blizzard
  • Bawlmer's Cherce Eateries
  • Walking Tours Step Off Briskly
  • When Walkng's Not Enough
  • Photos Foil Beaver Skeptics

April 2003

  • Whither Rec Pier? Fells Pointers Can Put in Their Word on April 26
  • Other Development Developments
  • Downtowners Turned Down
  • Drawing a Line to Preserve Historic Pier
  • Easter Sunrise on Broadway Pier
  • Boat Lake Refills, With a Kinetic Twist
  • Thanks for the Support, and Results are on Way
  • Rats' Rites of Spring
  • Tales of Two Commuters

May 2003

  • Rec Pier Respondents Call for Repair, Return to Civic Use, Not Development
  • Every Step Counts
  • Calling All Fell School Alumni
  • Opinion: Historic Case Bodes Ill
  • Spreading the Words
  • Caesar in the Parik
  • Breast Cancer Site
  • Crime Along Ann Street: Stabbing in View of Visitor Center
  • Thief Targets Mother Seton Academy
  • Preacher Jack's Pews Are the Streets, A Well-Flowered Storefront His Pulpit

June 2003

  • Ed Kane, Hailing His Last Taxi, Embraced Fells Point, Rec Pier
  • Zippity Duda's, Through the Beers
  • ... and Cannon Makes a Splash
  • Crime Along Ann Street: an Arrest
  • Maritime Museum's Maiden Voyage
  • Seniors Beware
  • Cain Acts to Limit Building Heights

July 2003

  • Mayor, at Living Classrooms, Says Rec Pier Should Stay Public
  • Latest Developments
  • Historic Baltimore
  • Mikulski Center Underway
  • 4 Douglass Historic Markers
  • Flower Woman Back on Job And Friends Again Have Hair
  • Art World Wagathon
  • Patterson Park Summer
  • Defenses Can Be Deployed To Fend Off Identity Thieves

September 2003

  • Police Say Robberies Spree Ended with Suspect's Arrest
  • EBLO Users' Guide to Park
  • 'Point Looks to Main Street Program
  • The 37th Fells Point Fun Festival
  • Two Wakes for Revered Artists (William Whitman and Charles C. Newton, Jr.)
  • Street-Tested Security Tips

October 2003

  • Fells Point Entures Isabel's Wrath, Retakes the Land and Holds It
  • - Lessons from an Imperfect Storm
  • - Maritime Park: Under Water Then Underway
  • COP President Asks for Answers
  • COP's Founder Saluted by Community
  • Hazardous Waste, Leaves
  • Fells Point Documentary
  • Thanks for Perkier Park
  • Antique Dealer Map Update

November 2003

  • See Harbor Point Saturday - Thames Street Would Dogleg to the West
  • Other Developments
  • Prime Pride I Model Could Find Home in Point
  • Rec Pier Outcome due by January
  • Big Opening for Small Business
  • On Paterson's Hampstead Hill
  • This Month in the Park
  • A Share in the Holidays

December 2003

  • City Calls for a Broarder COP with Operation Crime Watch
  • Home for Christmas
  • Trucks Passing through Pulled Over along Fells Point's Narrow Streets
  • Curtain Call -- You on the Aisle
  • Cityscape Skating on Home Ice
  • Tables and Chairs for EBLO
  • Point's' Ultimate Tax Credit

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