Fell's Pointer 2002 Newsletters

The titles of the months below are links to open the newsletters

November 2002

  • 723 Owner Files to Reopen
  • Night Hawk Heaves Ho
  • COP Neighborhood Watch Resumes Training November 20
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  • COP Needs a Few Good Feet
  • Annual Holiday Boat Parade
  • City Seeking Proposals For Reuse of Rec Pier
  • Kane's Option Needs Close Look
  • Thanks to Diligent Neighbor, Encroaching Couple Removed

December 2002

  • Need Money Now
  • Beware of Thieves Bearing Gifts
  • Homeless Census to Take Place in April
  • Christmas Chestnuts
  • Book Gifts, and This Season's Ornament
  • Point's Maritime Past Ties Pride II to Rec Pier
  • Point Pointers
  • City Rat Update

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