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FPCO Juvenile Crime Mtg
Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 07:00pm
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FPCO MEETING REGARDING JUVENILE CRIME, March 13, 2017, 7pm, 5th floor Admiral Fell Inn
This meeting is open to anyone who lives in the greater Fell's Point area.

I want to let you know that the agenda for our meeting about juvenile crime has come together and I'm hoping you will find it informative. The primary purpose of this meeting is to provide you will factual information about how a youth becomes involved in the juvenile justice system, what policies and procedures dictate what actions can be taken, what resources are available in the Department of Juvenile Services and how they are accessed, the role played by the Juvenile DIvision of the States' Attorney's Office and the Health department.

As I said prior to our November 2017 meeting focused on crime in general, this is not the time to yell at the presenters or other attendees. Everyone knows that you are angry, frustrated, and scared and all yelling will do is take up what little time we have; I want this meeting to be productive and respectful and while I doubt that everyone will leave feeling that their issue got addressed, I am hoping that you will come away with information that you didn't have before that will help you better understand some aspect of this issue. I want to say that I was pleased with how those who came to the November meeting acted.

I am hoping to have a third installment in our series on crime which will focus on community based programs that work with youth and families who may not yet be involved with any agency.

The following persons comprise our panel for this meeting on Juvenile Crime:

Michelle Lee and her colleagues from the Juvenile Division in the SAO
Betsy Tolentino, Department of Juvenile Services
Jeff Amoros, Health Department
Other persons from these agencies may also be present.

I am hoping to see you at this important meeting.

Joanne Masopust
president, FPCO
Location Admiral Fell Inn, 5th Floor.
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