Purpose of Meeting: To speak with Mr. Shapiro about using his empty lot for work man parking currently working on the Broadway Square and in the future those working on the N. Broadway Market.
George related how he had met with Mr. Shapiro at Sabatinos and found Mr. Shapiro generally willing to explore this possibility. Mr. Shapiro gave a brief history of his father purchasing the property from Mr. Shockette in 1970 and putting a grocery story in the building. This building burned 6 years ago. He said that Berg did the job of razing the destroyed building and compacting the lot. Jacquie said she had heard the lot was not fully compacted. Mr. Shapiro said he would check with Berg. Mr. Shapiro had ABC parking do a proposal on the space a few years back, which they said could fit 40 cars. Mr. Shapiro said the space would need a one car curb cut which of course the city would have to agree to. In the event that happened, workman would be issued stickers to safely park in the lot. Others would be towed. A meeting has been agreed to (not yet scheduled) with Ms. Blackette and Mr Goldbeck with DOT. Mr. Shapiro said he would attend. This would be a temporary parking lot for workers and when the N. Broadway Market was completed, it would return to being an empty lot. Attending: Jacquie Greff, Marty Bement, Nancy Caudill, George Frazier and guests Howard Shapiro with a friend, Steve.

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