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I asked and received a rendering of the final renovation plan as well as project information from Grishae Blackett'e SouthEast Community Liaison for the Baltimore City Department of Transportation. Here it is.
Broadway Square Design from Baltimore City DOT

Fells Point Broadway Square Renovations Project

Site improvements will soon be made to Broadway Square between Lancaster Street and Thames Street. The objective of this project is to re-energize the square by improving the existing conditions with cohesive and welcoming hardscape features as well as renovation of the existing kiosk and the addition of a second kiosk.

What the project includes:

  • One Kiosks
  • New granite curb and brick pavement
  • New planter beds and trees
  • New benches; new lights; reuse of historic materials where appropriate
  • Improved drainage and electric systems

Timeline for construction:

  • The project is expected to begin February 2017
  • The project should take approximately 40 weeks with a targeted completion date of late September-early October 2017 (weather permitting)

What citizens can expect during construction:

  • Entire square will be closed to pedestrians
  • Existing metered parking spaces along Broadway will remain operable with minimal disruption

Community Involvement:

  • Eleven (11) community meetings have been held during the planning and design process.
  • Community input has been taken into consideration and addressed in the design documents where feasible


  • Approximately $3,000,000

Additional information posted on Nextdoor:

  • From Annette Rovito: I did hear back from Grishae Blackett regarding my specific questions about the number and type of trees. They will be planting 20 trees, the types are Bloodgood London Planetree and Jefferson America Elm. Both look good for providing a lovely canopy for many years as long as they take care of them and don't have another renovation project in 10 or 20 years and cut them down. Now I'm hoping that they will plant decent caliper trees so that we can see the benefit of the natural canopy in a short period.
  • From Joanne Maspoust: FPMain Street is working on a location for the Farmers Market during the construction; it is anticipated/ hoped that it will return to the Square when the renovations are complete. The Second Sunday Antique Market is also looking to relocate for the duration.

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