In an effort to keep all our businesses apprised here are some of the questions we have received regarding the Broadway Square construction.

  1. What is the duration of this parking restriction?
  2. What offset or remedy is the city providing for businesses?
  3. What are the planned phases for parking restrictions in 2017 --there must be a plan for the construction?
  4. What is Mainstreet doing about signage, communication and offset for businesses?

1. The upcoming parking restriction is until the fence is complete. The restrictions will be released as each section is complete.

2. For the 2 days, the most greatly affected parkers will be the Sagamore contractors. For the whole period, they only anticipate restrictions 2x. Once for the fence and the other for when they have to replace the curbs. There aren't any curbs along the East and West sides of Broadway and if they have to impact traffic flow at the North or South ends, they will announce those as early as possible, at a minimum 72 hour prior.

3. There is still no actual schedule for construction. They have budgeted 9 months, but hope that it will go faster. There will also be periods of inactivity while they wait for materials. They have a rough schedule, but will reach out as soon as they have information that reflects and actual timeline. None exists at this point other than for the fence and the 9 month overall. Again, the contract stipulates that NO parking will be consumed by the contractor other than employees' personal vehicles. ALL equipment, company owned vehicles and staging MUST occur within the perimeter of the project. Although employees will be able to park their personal vehicles around the square, they are anticipating approximately 40 laborers on any given day. Some of those will come in company vehicles (not allowed to park outside of the perimeter) and some of those will carpool. That leaves a tiny number of vehicles relative to the overwhelming number we currently deal with daily from the Sagamore contractors. So although not a perfect solution, it is FAR better than the last two projects.

4. A custom windscreen has been recommended, but that will be up to neighborhood approval. We are discussing that now. IN order for any signage to go up physically on the fencing, we will have to bring a community approved proposal to DOT. They have opened that door to FPMS and we will work on a design/concept and circulate that for comments.

They have pledged continued communication with at the very least 72 hour required advance notifications and as early as possible. They hesitate to put out a schedule or proposal prior to being furnished one from the contractor. At this point, the contractor has committed to 9 months. No work before 7a and no work on weekends. If they were allowed to work on weekends, it would cut the time frame of this job by multiple months. We will be reaching out for community approval to allow them to work on weekends. There are nearly 30 Saturdays in this 9 month time frame, it would dramatically accelerate their schedule if we can offer them this.

As to an offset, they don't believe that there will be nearly as significant an impact as we have experienced with the 2 prior projects. If the impact starts to mount they will reassess the situation and recommend changes as it goes. I would have to argue that they have been very respectful and proactive in their approach to this contract's affects on the neighborhood. I think we owe them the benefit of the doubt.

We cannot stress enough how important calm, cool, respectful and minimal communication throughout will be to keep them responsive. We recommend that FPMS be the conduit for reaching out to DOT or the contractor, as we have already seen how quickly they will shut down and circle the wagons if they feel they're being shouted at. We have made dramatic inroads to a large number of DOT staffers and have them all lined up and eager to make sure this is as minimal impact as possible. The conversations so far have been earnest, open and honest.

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