Attending: Liz Bement, Marty Bement, George Frazier, Jacquie Greff, Kurt Schiller, Colin Talbert Deputy Chief of Strategic Alliances with the Mayor’s Office, Robert Thomas with Baltimore Market Corp, Dominic Wiker.

Purpose of Meeting was to present the results of two surveys on what people would like included in the Broadway Market Project.

The surveys were conducted on the NextDoor web site for the neighboring communities to the Broadway Market. Due to the recent decision that Baltimore Development Corp under the Mayor’s office would be the developer of the site, we felt that public input from the survey would more likely be considered than if a private developer was given the project whose priorities would be profit first, not neighborhood.

The hand out that was given to attendees is below.

It was clear from responses by advisory group members that Mr. Talbert has assembled a strong development team of local talent. This being Kao Pau with PI-KL who lives in Fells Point, and the architect on the Mount Vernon Market Place Dominic (did not give his last name) as a consultant.

The challenges ahead are what venue mix can be financially supported and still give us a real market. Finding quality operators willing to commit will be a major challenge. If you have specific suggestions along this line please forward to George Frazier at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will pass them along.

Hand Out Contents

Time Line for Broadway Market Advisory Group

Created to prevent what we saw happening to Cross Street.

-Article in Fells Pointer with cartoon of rotting elephant in the middle of Broadway.
Article described damage to local business from closed market

Meeting with Bryce Turner at BCT

Bryce organizes a community charette

Article in the Fells Pointer on charette

I attend BDC organized walk through of the North Market in early January for interested developers.

In January Advisory Group is formed and meets with Sally Costello & Mr. Thomas liking our purpose to form a small well informed group who will serve as a informal community liaison and communicate issues during construction that are damaging to local business.
Meeting minutes are posted on FellsPoint.US

This and future meeting minutes are forwarded to Mr. Thomas.

Advisory Group reports its activities as community group meetings.

Broadway Market Advisory Group sends letter to Mr. Thomas objecting vehemently to Kline Proposal echoing hue and cry from community groups.

Advisory group takes a field trip to RHouse with it’s architect Kuo Pau.

Advisory group conducts two surveys on website NextDoor for neighboring communities.

Results are mailed to Mr. Thomas.

Those suggestions that garnered 70+ ratings on a sliding scale of 0-100

First Survey

Price sensitive – nothing fancy – 73

Install Bike Parking – 71

Make Improvements to the sidewalks, the tree pits in the two block around the North Market addressing security and aesthetic issues as part of the Broadway Market Project. – 81

Second Survey

Fresh Food Counters with pop up stalls for locally made products – 80

Less for tourists and more to serve the community. A variety of shops, both prepared food and fresh to take home. A cool gathering place, almost like a daily farmer’s market with hours that are reasonable for people that work during the day - 87

A vibrant and healthy fare that compliments not competes with the existing restaurants and shops in the area. - 75

Something that makes Fells Point a place where people might want to live..not touristy. – 81

Green it up with more flowers and trees – 83

A walk able, high energy , community space. Beautiful. Baltimore proud. Not about car traffic, but instead people traffic. Longer hours. Safe. Colorful. Playful lighting. - 88

This does not have to be high end. – 76

Small businesses, no corporate cahins. Don’t turn this into an extension of Harbor East. Keep Fells Point charm. – 87

A real market with butchered meats, poultry, produce, pantry items, bakery and flowers. – 82

Use the rooftop for a green space and seating. - 83

Analysis of the survey results suggested the following to me. What does it suggest to you?

Leave the South Market as it is, except for two changes. Improve the current air conditioning system to accommodate the space as it should have originally (not from survey), and rebalance the current vendor space; trading out those long counters with stools for seating outside thus making space for another vendor. Add bike parking to both markets and consider using one or both of the markets two parking lots for patron seating /safe playground for toddlers, trees + ,?, ?, possibilities.

Transform the North Broadway Market into a tourist draw by bringing the New York City’s High Line to Fells Point. What would finally make sense architecturally of this decapitated building we have found an affection for over the years. When people would look up at the North Market they will see trees and shrubs and grasses, and places to sit, to catch the breeze, and witness the unique and wonderful mix of Fells Point from above. If the access up and down can be designed to work ‘with’ the structure of the building, the result would guarantee an unremitting level of pedestrian activity coming and going from the market. What is that worth to both Markets, businesses up and down Broadway? to Fells Point?

Some of the existing arches along the E & W sides might be opened up with glass and include more entrances into the building.

Build in common spaces for families to make community, provide an affordable, market for the residents and feed local retail with the attraction of a Green Wow. Phase in sidewalk improvements to the surrounding 2 blocks for curb drainage, tree pits, and security.

There is wisdom from the public on issues they are in daily familiarity. I hope you will be encouraged to find a way to use it.

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