Attending: Marty Bement, Jacquie Greff, Nancy Caudill, George Frazier with Broadway Market Work Group, Sally Costello with BDC, Mr. Thomas & Johnny Williams with BPMC

Mr. Thomas expressed how important it was for group members to become familiar with the Request for Proposal (RFP) document which governs the process. (click here to access the RFP) He added that the document was crafted after much deliberation by BDC regarding the many layers of requirements that city owned property must answer to. Ms. Greff said she would post a copy of the RFP at . Mr. Frazier said he would email to Advisory Group Members and Ms. Caudill said she would print a copy and take to her Fells Point Community Organization meeting tonight.

Mr. Thomas and Ms. Costello asked how the Advisory Group represented the community and how their process was representational. George said that a full description of community meeting coverage and the process of publishing meeting agendas and meeting minutes on WWW.FellsPoint.Us would be sent to Mr. Thomas.

Discussion of the vetting process of developer – Application review by BDC would include determining “who was real” regarding their financial backing, track record, the relevance of their proposal to the RFP, and the upside to public coffers. These layers of review to this process would eventually include input from the office of the Mayor. Once a selection has been made, an Exclusive Negotiating Privilege (ENP) is issued. At that time the process can, but not necessarily have to, open up to input from the Broadway Market Advisory Group, a public meeting could be held, or a presentation made to the Fells Point Task Force for comment. It was reiterated by Mr. Thomas that the process of the award of the ENP has many constraints placed upon it, which play a part in the final outcome. It is not simply what the community would like to have, though they are an important part in those considerations.

The Broadway Market Advisory Group was discussed as a potential bridge between the community and the process described above. This relationship between BPMC and BMAG would include the period of construction to minimize the impact on local business.

Ms. Costello said that the start of Broadway Market Project construction would “follow” completion of the Broadway Square which is beginning soon and will take 10-11 months.

Discussion of the fate of current market vendors who are on month-to-month leases. Mr. Thomas pointed out in the RFP a requirement in “Developer’s plan for retaining, relocating,  and/or assisting the existing tenants in the market buildings”.

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