About This Site

www.FellsPoint.US was originally created by Tonal Vision in 2002 because the community did not have any good web site(s).  Over time, we experimented with different services and types of content. We would especially like to express our thanks for DocSide Veterinary Medical Center who sponsored us during this period.

In 2012, after a series of conversations with community organizations, we realized there was no web site dedicated to providing information to the public on the history of Fell's Point and experimented with making FellsPoint.US an information source on the history of Fell's Point. We felt we were in an ideal position to provide information on Fell's Point's history on this web site because we produced a documentary about Fell's Point in 2004 from the oral history interviews we had conducted at the request of The Preservation Society and Jacquie had written a book for Arcadia Publishing about Fell's Point.

Also in 2012 and 2013, we started experimenting with "History at Risk" featuring Frank Tybush as host, initially as a series of videos about Fell's Point. We eventually expanded beyond this single community and decided to merge www.FellsPoint.US and www.HistoryAtRisk.com into one history-focussed site.

In 2017, we decided to again separate the www.HistoryatRisk.com and FellsPoint.US web sites, although we expect substantial overlap to continue to exist. There was an increasing amount of information in History at Risk, and the two portions of the site didn't mix well. The www.FellsPoint.US traffic seemed to mostly stay on the Fell's Point part of the site. No other organization had developed a thorough web site to serve the community, and we are hopeful that in better economic times, the community will be able to support this site.

In 2019, the Fell's Pointer newsletters finally "died". There was a last attempt to make them email-only, but only 1 newsletter was published in this format. These newsletters were a major function of the site, and since their demise, the site is no longer being updated. We are continuing to keep it because the historic content may be relevant and much of it is not available elsewhere.

This site a public service of Tonal Vision. Copyright 2017-2021.