Fell's Pointer 2018 Newsletters

The titles of the months are links to open a PDF of the newsletter.

February 2018

  • Fell’s Pointer Launches Sponsor-of-the-Month & Free Monthly Happy Hour!
  • How do we bring back hope for Baltimore’s future as violence escalates?
  • Broadway Market Planning Meeting Shows A Clear Neighborhood Vision and An Expert Local Team, but Will We Ever Get it Done?
  • Preservation Society to Expand Local History Tours in 2018
  • Cartoons: "North Broadway Market: The Elephant T _ _ _ In The Room" by Pat Hill (Reprint from Nov 216) and "And we're here to REVITALIZE the BROADWAY MARKET!" by FLTV Art (Reprinted from January 2017)
  • Happenings: The Fell's Point Art Loop; Upper Fell's Point C.O.P. Neighborhood Walk; Fell's Point Improvement Association Meeting; Fell's Pointer Happy Hour at Duda's Tavern; New Bookstore "Greedy Reads"; Douglass District Community Meeting

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